Whitt's End

Whitt's End: 3.25.11

Whether you've reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*Like me, do you think the Texas Rangers are kinda getting caught with their pants on the ground with their pitching staff exposed? The time to go get a reliable closer is not next year, it's this year. If Neftali Feliz is one of your best starters, then why is he back in the bullpen for 2011? Answer: Because at this point Texas' mediocre starters are considered better than Texas' mediocre relievers. Yuck.

*Speaking of the Rangers, when Michael Young demanded his trade some of us wrote that "we've been down this road before." Young gets his feelings hurt, complains publicly and somewhere during spring training calms down and remembers that getting paid $16 million per season to play baseball for the Rangers isn't so bad after all. He and GM Jon Daniels have talked twice this week and the end result: No trade.

*Tommy Hunter getting hurt doesn't change how I think of the Rangers one bit. And that's as the second-best team in the AL West behind the Anaheim Angels. Look at the pitching staffs and tell me I'm wrong.

*I hear people fawning over Elizabeth Taylor's looks. "In her day ..." the old foagies gloat. Yeah, but in her day there was no Internet or YouTube or anything other than three TV networks. These days we know: There are girls hotter than Liz on every street corner. But after all this hubbub, I do plan on watching Giant one of these days.

*I really don't care if Dez Bryant - or his posse - chooses to wear saggy britches. Unique style is fine by me. Some of us dorks still wear our hats backward for no particular reason. I don't think, however, that the bill in the back is nearly as offensive as someone's underwear exposed. I'd be more worried about Bryant cussing at cops. What's the upside there? Nada. Trust me, I was 23 once. It's never worth it. Bryant's advisor, David Wells, is a good man. Hopefully he'll help Bryant learn that he has a lot to lose.

*So a 4-year-old boy named Colton Burpo "dies" on the operating table and claims to have gone to Heaven, where he met his great grandfather, sat in Jesus' lap and was amazed by all the streets of gold, bright colors and peeps flying around with huge wings. A million doubts about his money-making tale but just one question: If everyone has wings, do we really need streets?



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