Whitt's End

Whitt's End: 4.17.09

Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*If I were I am a betting man, and I am plunking down $1 that 105.3 The Fan and the Dallas Cowboys officially announce their flagship radio station partnership next week. Trust me when I say the deal is done. It's just the dotting of i's, crossing of t's and massaging of Texas Motor Speedway's hurt feelings that's taking time. Formal press conference or not, The Fan will host the Cowboys' official draft party April 25 at the Arlington Convention Center.

*Went to Randy Galloway's Racing Against the Odds at Lone Star Park last night. Benefitting the American Diabetes Association, it was a star-studded event. Nolan Ryan. Roy Williams. Toby Peterson. Michael Irvin. Charley Pride. Highlights of the night: This guy freaking out folks (yes, including me) by seemingly reading their minds. And SMU football coach June Jones buying an auction item featuring a round of golf at Dallas National with Dale Hansen.

*While John Madden's retirement may be bad news for the Coppell Deli (he always had those folks cater his Madden Cruiser on trips through Dallas), it's not terrible for us. Sad, but not bad. For years I've put Madden the class of Dick Vitale. Passionate. Omnipresent. Enthusiastic. But, honestly, not all that insightful. The guy became a legend not for what he said, but how he said it. My memories of Summerall-Madden serenading me to sleep on cold Sundays spent under a blanket on the couch will always be cozy, but "Wham!" had outlived its expiration date.

*Smart kid, that Matthew Stafford. The Highland Park-ex hasn't been chosen by a team yet, but he has chosen his NFL Draft Day theads: Lombardo Custom Apparel.

*While the TEA Party crybabies are attacking government spending, why don't they pick on the absurdity of military flyovers at sporting events? I mean, those things aren't free are they?

*It's official, Fox News Channel has lost all credibility. FNC sponsored and relentlessly promoted TEA Party Day - think Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - then covered the events like they were organic, grass-roots, newsy uprisings. Shame.

*Somalian pirates have a "code of conduct"? WTF?



*Never had the pleasure of meeting Merle Harmon. But I spent some cash in his Fan Shops as a kid and, of course, remember him and Norm Hitzges talking me through many a Rangers' loss. He will be missed.

*Paid $2.01 for gas the other day, first time I can remember spending that much since, well, I can't remember. But I do remember paying $3.49 last spring. So I'm not complaining. Am I?

*If you're one of the 12 hockey fans out there - not to be confused with the 12,000 Stars fans - it's not difficult to get immersed in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. For the rest of us? I guess we can always root for Sean Avery's new team.

*Recession or no, we are growing at unimaginable speeds. How fast? Our top 10 in-demand jobs didn't even exist in 2004.

*There's a big UFC fight Saturday night. Boxing? Biggest buzz in that sport is an HBO documentary about a bout that took place 34 years ago.

*ESPN's Outside the Lines finally latched onto Covenant's 100-0 victory over Dallas Academy. After appearances on all the national morning talk shows, DA refused to be interviewed for the story. Maybe they read this and finally came to their senses?

*This weekend I've got double duty. Back as the semi-enlightened analyst alongside Pete Stein for Game 5 of the Texas Brahmas' hockey playoff series on Time Warner Cable's Metro Sports Channel 185 Saturday night at 7:30. Couple hours later I'll be at my regular weekend gig, 8-Noon Sunday on 105.3 The Fan. consider yourself warned.

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