Whitt's End: 5.01.09

And then one day, just to keep his readers on their toes, the demented blogger stood Whitt's End on its head ...

*For those inclined toward auditory masochism, I'll again be the analyst for Time Warner Cable/Metro Sports Channel 185's upcoming telecasts of the Texas Brahmas minor-league hockey playoff games. Game 3 of the President's Cup championships series is Sunday at 3, Game 4 Tuesday night at 7 and Game 5 Wednesday night at 7. As for radio, Saturday I'll be in my regular seat on 105.3 The Fan from 1-5 p.m. and Sunday 8-Noon. Consider yourself warned.

*Just wondering: When they get married, do saves still get blown?

*Initially I thought this was a bit right out of HBO's Flight of the Conchords. But I think it's real. For sure it's real funny.

*When you're Googling, you ever hit the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button? Me neither.

*If I wouldn't have been at a concert Thursday night I would've gone to the film about Dallas' old Starck Club. This sounds very old mannish of me, but they don't make clubs - or scenes - like that anymore. I saw Stevie Nicks and Prince there. Not performing, just partying. How weird/wild was it in the mid-80s? First time I went I wore, swear: purple high-top Chuck Taylors, parachute pants, sleeveless zebra-print T-shirt, dangling earring and, yep, mascara - on one eye. Nobody looked at me twice.

*I've said it before and I'll say it again: Beware the white pickup.



*Come to think of it, those two Sonic dudes spend a lot of time with each other. Driving around. Eating. Talking. And all that talking. Pre-gay?

*If you're going to pretend to really love-Love-LOVE the series and be uncontrollably giddy about next week's release of the movie, shouldn't you at least not pronounce it "Star Track"? It's Trek. Like wreck, with a tr ...

*During last Sunday's quantity-over-quality Cowboys' draft, you get the feeling Jerry Jones was like Lucy frantically working the hyper conveyor belt at the chocolate factory? Me too. And I'm afraid the results agree.

*I respect Dallas' Only Daily's Rick Gosselin and his NFL mock draft, but the headline atop last Saturday's centerpiece story was "No Better Source Than Gosselin's Mock Draft." Seriously? Where I come from that's not news, it's Advertainment. Proposed headline for next week's Dallas Observer column: "Richie Whitt Kicks Ass!"

*Watched some of the Miami Heat-Atlanta Hawks game the other night and, sure enough, I still hate Dwyane Wade.

*Thumbs up to Cake Thursday night at The Palladium. And to lead singer John McCrea's solution to the Aporkalyptic epigdemic known as Swine Flu. "If you're sick and you're here, you're an asshole" he bellowed. "Go home. Get well. See you next time." It's not that hard, is it?

*No matter what happens in Saturday's Game 7, the Celtics-Bulls series is already the greatest in NBA playoff history. Right? If not for Ray Allen's buzzer-beating 3-pointer in Game 2, the thing would have five of six games into overtime. We can only hope Mavs-Nuggets is 1/3rd as entertaining.

*Speaking of baseball, how ridiculous is it that MLB threatened to fine or even suspend Rangers' pitcher Kevin Millwood if he wrote "HK" on his cap in a tribute to former Phillies' announcer Harry Kalas. There's got to be bigger issues baseball can worry about. A-Roid, anyone?

*Tom Hicks selling The Mesquite Rodeo is another sign of his financial problems. Or, more accurately, it's part of his financial solutions. Another is to round up investors in his Texas Rangers. A source told me last week that Hicks has held cursory talks with former Mavericks' co-owner and car magnate David McDavid about becoming a Rangers' minority owner. The way I hear it though, is that McDavid - who was Hicks' guest at Opening Day in Arlington - is interested as majority owner, but not a bit investor. Stay tuned.

Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.