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Whitt's End: 5.29.09

Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*Trust me, you'll be elated if David McDavid buys the Texas Rangers. Biggest reason: His dream is not to make more money, but to own a championship sports franchise in the Metroplex.

*One of the things McDavid would change, guaranteed: You could wear a "Yankees Suck!" T-shirt to the ballpark. Gawd, we're so over-sensitive, politically correct, soft, safe and silly. It's embarrassing. If "suck" was legitimately offensive, then wouldn't its antonym - "blow" - be a compliment? (This just in, dearest Bible Belt: There are countless synomyms for "bad.") What, this weekend fans will be prohibiting from booing Oakland?

*I'm taking a couple trips this summer. Seattle. Vegas. Maybe Mexico. Definitely San Antonio. But on June 24th I'll be in Duncanville, Texas. Why? You-know-who is coming back. That's right, Terrell Owens' summer camp will go on as scheduled June 24-25 at DHS. Considering his release, recent Twitter-cizing of Jason Garrett and Tony Romo, I expect the former Cowboys' villain-turned-hero-turned-villain will have a thing or two to say. Nickel says it's - as usual - non-sensical. His website calls for all "Baller Boyz", whatever that meanz.

*Speaking of summer fun, try this and get back to me: Play wiffle ball, with the base paths lined with Slip 'n Slides. One of my best memories as a kid. One of my best memories as an adult? Trading my teammate with a quick bat for one in a string bikini.

*I know The Ticket is as strong as ever. But during my Hardline guest appearances over the years those boys always referred to 5:30 as the "sweet spot." In April's ratings from 5-6 p.m. the Hardline was was tied by ESPN's Randy Galloway at 6.1 apiece. Nothing to get alarmed about, just used to seeing that show dominate.

*I'm continually amazed at the utter illiteracy of this country. For the record, you "lose" a game but you wear "loose" boxers. Next person emailing me or making a comment along the lines of "I've got nothing to loose" will be sentenced to listening to those irritating McDonald's "McCafe" commercials. McIdiots.

*If you watched last night's epic triple-double by LeBron James, you saw an entire fourth quarter where he dribbled the ball at the top of the key, waved off teammates and made a one-on-one move as the shot clock wound down. He is truly amazing. Passing. Scoring. Creating. The more you watch him the more you realize what a sham it is that Mike Brown is the NBA's Coach of the Year.

*As for the NBA, aren't we tired yet of chanting "M-V-P!" when a chosen candidate goes to the free-throw line? Cleveland fans did it every time for LeBron last night. Okay, we get it. He won. Next?





*News out of Bristol, Conn. is that ESPN is laying off 100 employees. Sadly, none of them are named Dick Vitale. Or Rachel Nichols.

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*The NHL's Stanley Cup Finals begin this weekend with a nice matchup: Red Wings vs. Sidney Crosby. But Games 3 and 4 will be televised on, oh dear, Versus. In other news, doesn't it seem like your Dallas Stars' season ended like six months ago?

*This sounds like a blast. Seriously. Saturday at White Rock Lake will be the annual Adventure Race, an event that includes a 2-3 trail run, 7-14 mile mountain bike ride, 20-35 minute canoe trip and a mystery portion. Bear crawl? Streaking? Chess? Anyone done one of these?

*Which reminds me, my training for the White Rock Marathon is back up and running. I'm up to 6 miles without requiring IV and oxygen. A strained calf shelved me for three weeks. Old age sucks.

*This weekend I'll be in my regular chair on 105.3 The Fan, Sunday morning 7-11. Consider yourself warned.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.