Whitt's End: 6.4.10

Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*Thing that jumped out at me about Thursday night's Game 1 of the NBA Finals was how physical it was. The scrapping for loose balls. The intensity of picks. Just running through the lane without the ball was a gauntlet. The Lakers played it better than the Celtics. But it's a game the Mavericks are unfamiliar with.

*You ready for the Pac 16? Texas fans, you ready for west coast trips? This is how the Southwest Conference died. It sat around talking about loyalty and -- boom -- another conference comes in with a suitcase full of money. The Pac 10 apparently is ready to make a bold offer to Texas, A&M, Tech, Oklahoma, Okie State and Colorado. SEC, your move.

*I'm a jaded cynic who hasn't shed a tear in years, but I almost got choked up at the ovation and contrition of umpire Jim Joyce. His mistake that ruined pitcher Armando Gallaraga's perfect game is inexplicable, but his apology afterward and crying at home plate the following day were touching. Reminded us that he's human. And that's precisely the problem. "Umpires" in this age of advanced technology should be computers, not humans.

*At Cowboys' OTA this week at Valley Ranch kicker David Buehler made three of four field goals, missing wide right from 45 yards. Quietly, it's his job to lose. I'd like to say we trust him, but ...

*LeBron a LeMaverick? Maybe. The folks at lebrontothemavs.com are doing their part. I think. Saturday at noon they've organized a flash mob. Here's how it will work: Mavs fans - dressed in Mavs gear - will arrive at NorthPark mall's food court and, in unison and without much pre-fanfare, perform a dance routine to the Dallas String Quarter remix of "C'mon LeBron." Someone dumps it on YouTube, LeBron sees it and - voila - he's in Dallas. At least in theory.



*Started the P90x workout program. Wow. Basically it's just a reminder that we could all get in good better shape simply via pushups, situps and pullups. If you try it, remember it's not soreness, it's progress.

*I'm a little creeped out by the muscled-up dude in those Old Spice commercials. Something about his crazed expressions. And watching a man flex his pecs is uncomfortable. Is it just me?

*Cowboys Stadium will tonight host its first high-school graduation (Southlake Carroll, surprise!). In 2012 looks like it'll play home to the Country Music Awards. And this summer - just six days after Wimbledon - Serena Williams and Andy Roddick will bring tennis to Arlington. Can a Pac 16 Championship Game be far behind?

*I wonder if Jack Nicholson will one day take off his sunglasses at Staples Center and think, "Damn, I've missed some great basketball over the years."?

*This weekend? I'll be out at Texas Motor Speedway today 11-3 on 105.3 The Fan for IndyCar weekend. Other than that I'll be in the pool as triple-digit heat hits the Metroplex.

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