Whitt's End

Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*I got $1 for the first person who can show me - like Tony Romo did last week - any time that Terrell Owens has ever uttered the phrase: "This one's on me." Owens has every right to be jealous of Romo and Jason Witten because they're both something he's not: Humble. And likeable.

*Since 2006 no NFL combo has produced more touchdowns than Owens-from-Romo. They have 33, well ahead of Plaxico Burres-from-Eli Manning's 26. Yet, still, T.O. thinks he's not thrown to enough. Don't give me this bullshit about him "just wanting to win." He's an insecure asshole who "just wants to be adulated." By everyone. All the time. Right now.

*Props to 105.3 The Fan's Ben & Skin. While the rest of the Metroplex was speculating about T.O. and Romo, they had on Cowboys' receiver Patrick Crayton yesterday afternoon to pooh-pooh the whole "collective meeting" theory. "First of all, that's incorrect," Crayton said of the much-ballyhooed scenario of him, Owens and Roy Williams storming into Jason Garrett's office. "We had no meeting of any such. The only meeting I had was one-on-one with Jason Garrett. Funny how we have all these unnamed sources that can't get their story straight."

*Sleeping with the Enemy: In light of the impending Dallas Star-Telegram, I have no plans to stop covering the Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers or Stars. Some of you probably take this as bad news. Some of you should probably keep that opinion to yourselves.

*After an 18-year career at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, don't think I'll get used to seeing Eddie Sefko's Mavs' gamer in the Tarrant County rag. When I was there, Belo was the evil empire. Now, it's dogs sleeping with cats.

*I think it'd be cool if Obama showed up for his innauguration with a cigarrette in his mouth and a goatee on his chin. Ya know, just to stick it to 'em a little more.

*How many astronauts have walked on the moon? 12. How many Earths could fit inside the sun? 1,000,000. What's the daily temperature variance on Mercury? -250 to +800. I loves me some National Geographic TV.

*If you stumbled into this corner of the blogosphere actually looking for rasslin' news, today's your lucky day. Gentleman's Choice, the documentary by Dallas filmmaker Mickey Grant about former champ Chris Adams, will be released Saturday on this web site right here.

*On Sunday the Stars will decide what to do with Sean Avery. Anybody give a damn? Me neither.

*My wife's going to the butcher tomorrow. Don't know why, but I find that funny. Seems so, I dunno, '70s. Speaking of, is there a worse name for a profession?

*Three words that have me not dreading winter as much as usual: Chicks in boots.

*Biggest atrocity of college football 2008: Texas not playing in the BCS National Championship Game or Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell not even getting invited to Heisman Trophy ceremony? The Heisman remains the most overrated award in all of sports.

*So the pristine parents in Rowlett finally - whew! - ridded itself of that Satan-inspired Rent. Note: Just because your kid portrays, or even watches, a homosexual on stage, it doesn't mean they'll come home with an HIV infection that won't wash off. Idiots.

*Two bits of financial news that made me smile this week: Gas was selling for $1.34 in Midlothian and Neiman-Marcus' profits fell 84 percent. Score one for the little guys. - Richie Whitt


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