Welcome to my dark, dank, little out-of-the-way catch-all corner.

In here every Friday  afternoon you'll find those cumbersome little pieces parts, fleeting thoughts and mind crumbs I couldn't crowbar into other posts. It's where I'll come to clear my head, and to clean out my notebooks.

Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*So I'm in Shreveport last weekend - winning $100 I might add - and there's this guy. Swear, not making this up. Every time before he rolls the dice at the craps table he does a 360-spin, claps his hands together and hoots "Let's go!" People = Weird.

*Doesn't exactly rank up there with former mayor Laura Miller's premature parade route for the Mavs, but the Cowboys this week mailed out invoices for playoff tickets to their season-ticket holders. If you want two tickets and a parking pass to two potential games, that'll be $1,036.00, payable by Dec. 15 please. Pretty optimistic/ballsy for an 8-4 team clawing at a Wild Card berth.

*Musically speaking, I have but one question: Are we human? Or are we dancer? Wait, is that two questions? Does that even make sense?

*If any CEOs of companies that run commercials on TV want to ensure they don't come off looking like dufuses, I work cheap but not free. Send me your ads before they air, and I'll make sure to give it the "duh" once over. Could've helped the new Southwest Airlines ad, for example. The one where the couple jumps out of the cab because they can't afford the impending baggage fees. Hint: Car tires don't squeal on wet pavement. Ever. Duh.

*And the Ozzy Osbourne Samsung commercial. His mumbling is funny, but how does he know all those people's phone numbers? Don't tell me he memorized them. Or, for that matter, anything.

*One last thing on TV ads. Geico: Is its mascot a gecko or a caveman? Dangit, I'm still flustered by North Texas' Mean Green and/or Eagles.

*I wished I liked anything half as much as my wife likes coffee.

Whitt's End

*The Christmas flower is pronounced poin-SED-ee-uh? Really? All this time I went with poin-SED-uh. Embarrassed.



*So now George Dubya and Tom Hicks will be neighbors? Idiots borrowing sugar and talking Rangers. Justice served, I say. Justice served.

*Padron the Interruption. I oopsed in this column last week. Southlake Carroll's star quarterback has indeed orally committed to SMU. But the kid's name is Kyle Padron. My bad.

*Some are saying Sean Avery's comments were "off color." Why is it no one says anything "on color"?

*Nothing inherently wrong with going to Mavs' games or wearing Homer Simpson pajama bottoms to practice. But when I heard Pacman Jones was in a suite at American Airlines Center again last night for Mavs-Suns, somehow he didn't strike me as humbled guy determined to lay low.

*Worst thing about winter/cold weather: Static. Shock. I'm just giddily getting some $1.58 gas when I reach for the pump handle and - bzzzzzzzz - break into an involuntary rendition of the electric slide.

*If you're living - I mean really livin' - you'll be able to rattle off the last time you did something for the first time. If you have to think about it long and hard, well ... - Richie Whitt

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