Whitt's End

Whitt's End

 Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week - even the end of the year -  welcome to Whitt's End:

*Hold your horses if you thought tonight's concert by Russ Martin and his band at Joe Avezzano's joint up in Frisco was going to A) turn into a bashfest of Live 105.3 105.3 The Fan; or B) a springboard for Russ' return to the local radio airwaves. Remember, the dude is getting paid through April 2011. He may not be drenched in class, but he's no dummy.

*I admit I'm decaying into a cynical, jaded, crotchety old bastard, but every time I see this Budweiser commercial I thaw for a moment. I've been watching that ad during NFL games since I believed in Santa, and there's something about a snowy, horse-drawn wagon carrying a Christmas tree to a cozy, fireplace-lit house that absolutely melts me. Wish I could make that warm-n-fuzzy feeling last.

*As most of you know I'm not a hockey fan. But I think the Stars' partnership of Ralph Strangis/Daryl Reaugh - 13 years and counting - is the best sports team in Dallas.

*Not big into racist jokes. But this is funny.

*Tonight, 10 months after the trade I roundly harpooned, we get to revisit Jason Kidd v. Devin Harris as the Mavs play the Nets. Harris, turns out, is shacking up in Kidd's old apartment. Weird. Even stranger is former Mavs' coach Avery Johnson's smugness toward Harris' rise to sixth in the NBA in scoring. Wasn't it Avery who a year ago yanked the play-calling duties from his point guard because he wasn't ready for the responsibility?



*Save a Christmas prayer for Blake Gideon, the Texas safety who dropped the easy, right-in-his-bread-basket interception on the next-to-last play of the loss to Texas Tech. Make that routine catch and Gideon and the Longhorns are playing for the National Championship in January instead of playing just for fun in the Fiesta Bowl. I assume he'll forever be haunted.

*Not to get all fuddy-duddy on you, but before you get behind the wheel after some holiday party drinks, please read my cover story about former Dallas Cowboy Dwayne Goodrich.

*Elvis had a "Blue Christmas", but I have no idea what a Blu-ray disc is. And, no, I don't own a Bluetooth. I'm just happy to not have blue balls.

*If unemployment is up and job opportunities are down, how the hell can Quincy Carter always find a gig?

*More annoying noise: Gas-powered leaf blower, or Beyonce's "If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it"?

*After perusing the first two issues of Dallas' new Replay Sports Monthly magazine, I can safely say: Not bad. Not bad at all.

*SMU senior offensive lineman Tommy Poynter is a finalist for college football's Rudy Award. Wait, isn't every SMU player an undersized, out-manned, try-hard, lose-often Rudy?

*When either Allen, Wylie or Celina win a high-school title this weekend, it will be the record 20th football state championship for Collin County.

*God bless 11-year-olds, especially ones with - how shall I put this? - a delicate balance between focus and distraction. This is, swear, a play-by-play of my son's visit to the doctor last week: Doc: So the medication makes you not as hungry? Son: Yes, especially in the morning, and at night. Doc: Hmm, but doesn't it wear off by dinner time? Son: Sometimes. Yeah, usually. But not all the time. Doc: I see. So are you hungry at lunch? Son: Yes. I mean, no. Doc: Okaaay, what time does your medication usually wear off to where your appetite returns? Son: 11:06. Doc (looking exasperated in my direction): What?!

*I always think the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday (babes, bikinis, beer, barbecue and whatnot). But then I hear this song and remember that, nope, it's still Christmas. - Richie Whitt

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