Whitt's End: 7.2.10

*Keep an eye on SMU football. Something's not right. I know head coach June Jones supposedly signed a lucrative contract extension last November, but he can't be happy at all by these players being dismissed from his team and recruits not being accepted into school because of SMU's ridiculously tough academic standards.

*Simply put, Vladimir Guerrero has made it fun to watch baseball again.

*The "DFW Digs Dirk" campaign is cute and all, but to me it reiterates the old saying that you don't really know what you got 'til it's gone.

*Tiger Woods and Roger Federer were once championship-winning, text buddies playing their own game of top this. Now? Federer has lost in the quarterfinals of two straight majors and Woods has a former coach calling him out, a reported $750 million divorce settlement looming and a struggling game. Coincidence?

*Saw the Pyschedelic Furs last night at The Granada. Lead singer sounds just like you remember him. And, surprise, the place was sold out. Even bumped into former Dallas Cowboy Daryl Johnston.

*This weekend? My plans are to go to the lake, play in a golf tournament, eat some watermelon, watch some fireworks and, of course, fly my flag. Don't be a stranger. Oh yeah, any poor saps other than me gotta work on Monday?

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