Whitt's End: 8.7.09

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Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*Sunday is the NFL's annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. More importantly, it's the induction of my first Dallas Cowboys hero - Bob Hayes. I'll be watching. For one thing, to see if Lucille Hester will try any shenanigans. Remember her?

*Final comments scoreboard: Greg Williams 404, Russ Martin 73.

*We can debate whether C.J. Wilson should close or whether Elvis Andrus should be moved up in the order or whether Chris Davis should be resurrected from AAA, but isn't it all moot - and isn't the Rangers' season over - if Josh Hamilton continues to hit like Mario Mendoza?

*During my two weeks at Cowboys' training camp, best offensive player was Martellus Bennettt and best defensive player was Jay Ratliff. As for special teams, rookie David Buehler is a touchback machine on kickoffs.

*Speaking of Martin, this one reaction pretty much sums up the IQ of his listeners: You will all see, this was only the greatest radio bit of all time. Watch when he starts back up and J.D. and the rest of them are sitting next to Russ and they are laughing at all of you. Comment by itsabitgetit from dallas on Aug 3rd, 2009, 16:46 pm. Wow.

*See what's possible when you stop labeling a country as a member of some "Axis of Evil"?

*For what it's worth, 103.3 FM ESPN GM Pete Dits called Dale Hansen last week. To fire him. From a job he quit the week before. Who knows?

*I admire 1310 AM The Ticket's Craig Miller for running the New York City Marathon. For charity. I have aspirations of running (and writing about) the White Rock in December (we'll see).

*When you're turned on, your hormones are racing. Given that, shouldn't we get hormy?



*Talked to a friend of a source who's close to David Wells, the dude who told ESPN that Michael Crabtree was prepared to sit out the season. Says the friend: "It's not accurate. David didn't say that." Hmm.

*With gigs for the Observer and The Fan and a habit of night-owling on the Riverwalk, for a while I was dragging ass in San Antonio. That is, until I remembered to swig a 5hour Energy drink every day. I swear by the stuff.

*Every day after the last practice at The Alamodome workers fired up those gas-powered blowers to help "sweep" up the trash. God I miss brooms.

*I'd like to try an experiment where everybody on this planet drinks nothing but water for a year. Happy, healthier people. Zero drunk-driving accidents. And the money ... my God, think of the saved money.

*In this age of multi-media social platforming, I think Papble might be cool. But I need someone to explain to me exactly what the heck it is.

*Driving down to San Antonio I realized that my musical tastes are down right weird. Ranges way down here to this ... all the way over there to this. I dunno. Just kinda happened.

*As you read this I'm either on the air at 105.3 The Fan, driving back to Dallas or maybe fast asleep or perhaps knitting a scarf well in advance of Fall. Beats me, really. How the hell should I know when you're reading this? For me, training camp is over. I'll be back to home-office blogging next week and I'll be on the radio Tuesday. So there.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.