Whitt's End

Whitt's End: 9.10.10

*If you're Miles Austin are you more giddy about a six-year, $57 million contract or the fact that you get to look/touch/hit this on a regular basis?

*Look, I'm as Muslim-skeptical as legally allowed, but I do see this as double-standardy: A couple dudes build a Mosque near Ground Zero and we re-denounce the whole religion. But a crazy-ass pastor in Florida threatens to burn some Korans and we couch him as "not representative" of all Christians. Unfair, I admit.

*Bad news for all of you - you know who you are - who keep defaulting to "105.3 The Fan will flip formats to (enter ridiculously bad guess) by (ridiculously bad guess)." I know for a fact CBS is in negotiations to extend its contract as the official radio home of the Texas Rangers and I also know new owner Chuck Greenberg understands and appreciates the value of 100,000 watts. Bottom line: Stations with new program directors and desires on retaining sports teams don't have their finger on the flip switch. So sorry to disappoint.

*Michael Irvin's already making noise on NFL Network. Says when they play Roy Williams on offense they're going 10 on 11. Damning. And not true. Williams may be a liability, but he did manage seven touchdowns last year.

*Building on last week's Lock of the Week (how'd SMU +14 work out for ya?), I'm releasing Cowboys-Redskins Under 40 Sunday night. Book it.



*David Murphy > Julio Borbon.

*Saw The Tillman Story last week. Thumbs up. Mood down. It's sickening/maddening the way the military and, yes, our government, not only allowed - but in fact orchestrated - Pat Tillman to be exploited in death. He was a great guy and a good soldier, treated in a bad way. I dare you to watch this movie and not walk out of the theater mad.

*Dallas Mavericks are still a month and a half from their October 27 season opener, but it's never too soon to talk hoops in here. Roddy Beaubois is still in a walking boot after breaking his foot in France but hopes to be ready for the opener. With a new short haircut, coach Rick Carlisle now looks like Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber.

*This just in: Nooooo! College football players should not be paid. Trust me, players need universities much more than universities need players.

*So I'm getting off the office elevator Thursday morning. Got a computer bag over my shoulder and hands full with phone, keys, banana, 5hour energy and whatnot. Never expected to hear this: "Richie, I'd like you to meet ... Bart Starr." Initially dumbfounded, I managed to blurt out this weak-ass greeting: "Pleasure to meet you. But I'm still mad about the Ice Bowl." Good one. Bet he's never heard that before.

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