Whitt's End

Whitt's End: 9.11.09

Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*As for August's PPM radio ratings - surprise! - 1310 AM The Ticket continues to dominate. Among men 25-54, The Ticket remains No. 1 in the market leading every hour from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. In the distant battle for second place 105.3 The Fan continues to gain on 103.3 FM ESPN, leading in about half the day. To avoid those "Hey, quit tooting your own horn, asshole!" accusations, I'll let Dallas' Only Daily Barry Horn break down the numbers.

*For the record, I got the Cowboys going 9-7 and the Rangers 91-71. Don't think either, however, is going to make the playoffs.

*Speaking of radio, I've been known to misspeak a time or two. (My best eff-up of the week was saying the Rangers were about to "righten" their ship. Righten?) But I'm a regular Chick Hearn compared to former Dallas Cowboy-turned-ESPN analyst Marcellus Wiley. Again, I know I sound like Billy Bob Thornton, but how does a guy - former player or not - get a network TV gig by constantly saying "axe"? That, my friends, is the question I want to axe you right now.

*The Sporting News is kidding, right? I know Tony Romo is 0-2 in the playoffs, but you're telling me he's not among the NFL's Top 100 players? Not among the Top 12 quarterbacks? Not better than Michael Vick? Not a better player than Patriots' offensive lineman Logan Mankins? That's just retarded.

*If you can't afford a copy of this week's Dallas Observer, you can read my Jerry Jones cover story and my Neftali Feliz column online for free.



*Don't mean to sound mean, but Jerry Lewis and his Labor Day telethon has been raising money for muscular dystrophy since I was a kid. Are we close to a cure?

*You know how it is when you buy a Whatever II and by the time you get it home they've already put out a Whatever III. Well, attention to those of you with you 108-inch hi-def flat-screen plasmas: 3DTV is right around the corner. And, yes, it's supposed to be a million times wowier than hi-def. Saturday in Hurst you can check out USC-Ohio State in 3DTV. If you do, don't tell me how great it is. Don't wanna be depressed.

*I'm supposed to trash new American Idol judge Ellen Degeneres. But, truth be told, sometimes she's kinda funny. Still won't watch that ridiculous popularity contest of a show though.

*Did I hear that right? Did South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson yell out during President Obama's Wednesday speech, "You lie!" Shouldn't he be fired for that. At least fined for "conduct detrimental to the country"?

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