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Whitt's End: 9.17.10

*Of all the teams that lost in Week 1 of the NFL season, betcha there's only one that spent the last couple days explaining and defending their organizational flow chart: Your Dallas Cowboys.

*On one hand I believe the Dallas Police Department officers who clubbed and beat the runaway motorcyclist should be fired. On the other hand, I have zero sympathy for the dude. You run from the cops and endanger innocent bystanders' lives and, too bad, you're fair game. Don't break the law and then come a cryin' that you weren't treated like a law-abiding citizen. I can't guarantee a lot in this world, only this: I will never run from the cops.

*Is it possible to produce a seven-game winning streak via bad baseball? It's possible via sloppy baseball. The Rangers won the West this week by masking dropped fly balls and errant throws with offensive outbursts. Sounds like the Rangers of yesteryear. And, let's be honest, it's a DNA that won't win in October. Homers are nice and all, but Texas needs to get back to pitching and defense.

*Speaking of the Rangers, by the time they play their next game in Arlington (September 27) they'll be AL West champs.

*Cowboys 27, Bears 13. Dallas hasn't been 0-2 since 2001.



*First time in a long time that I've been more excited about this season rather than next season when it comes to the Rangers. Though 2011 will open Friday, April 1 against the Boston Red Sox, at this point nobody gives a damn. Delicious.

*The Plano Balloon Festival is fun. Adventuresome. And costly. $250 for a ride. Worth it?

*Mark Cuban is making the media rounds telling anyone that'll listen his Dallas Mavericks will be "the deepest team in the NBA." Considering the Rangers and Cowboys and his team's history of teasing, my reaction is ... Yawn.

*24-year-old man from Garland made over 1,000 prank phone calls to the National Runaway Hotline in Illinois. Now he's facing two years in the federal pen. One thousand?! I don't think I've made more than five prank calls in my life. I don't get it.

*Girls in hats are hot. Pony tail through the back. Backward. Gangsta sideways. Really doesn't matter. Always looks good. I think it sends a message that - no matter how hot they are - they don't take themselves too seriously. That they're not afraid to be seen at less than 100-percent make-up power. Makes them seem more attainable, I guess.

*I thought Ron Washington would get some serious consideration for Manager of the Year, but SI.com's list has him only 5th behind Dusty Baker, Joe Maddon, Ron Gardenhire and Bud Black.

*Black Eyed Peas at the Super Bowl? To the ears: Nay. To the eyes: Yaaaaaay

*Texas Tech fans plan to be totally silent when Texas runs onto the field Saturday night. We'll see. If they can pull that off I'll be truly impressed. But won't Texas have its fans and band there? Total silence seems an unrealistic goal.

*What happened to True Blood? I think this is a signature case of jumping the shark. What initially seduced me as a sexy, dark, subtlely violent and somehow almost believable series in the end deteriorated into fairies skipping through a fake forest and being chased by a UFO. Nobody on the show that died ever stayed dead. The deaths became more violent and less authentic. In the beginning "Sam" being a shape-shifter was radically cool. In the end there were werewolves and fairies and ghosts and guys with severely burned faces cracking jokes. I used to boast True Blood as the grown-up version of Twilight. But eventually it just grew silly. I'm out. Kenny Powers, Family Guy and Sunday Night Football, you're in.

*Women belong in NFL locker rooms, sure. But it did always rub me the wrong way that men are never allowed in WNBA or Dallas Desire locker rooms. But mostly what I take from the whole Ines Sainz fake outrage/controversy is that ... holy hades she's got a great booty.

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*Who's more hated in this town this week: Alex Rodriguez or Alex Barron?

*I'm sensing a lot of Rangers jealousy from Cowboys' fans. How great is that? Sorry football dorks, baseball is going to own October around the metroplex. Can't figure out why exactly this drives Cowboys' fans so crazy.

*This weekend? Think Saturday I'll mosey up to Twin Peaks in McKinney for a bikini bike wash and then participate in The Jailbreak Run. Sunday there's a slight, but permanent change of plans: I'm moving from Cowboys Pre-Game to Post-Game. I'll be at Duke's for Cowboys-Bears at Noon and then I'll stick around for the 105.3 The Fan Cowboys Post-Game Show with Greggo and Coach Joe. Don't be a stranger.


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