Whitt's End

Whitt's End: 9.18.09

Whether you're at the end of your rope of merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*Heard The Ticket was making a patented "major announcement" today. First reaction: It's moving Dallas Stars night games to a better signal, likely Cumulus brethren 93.3 FM or even 570 AM. But knowing those boys, it might just be that they landed Daryl Reaugh to headline Ticketstock '10. Or, maybe I'm the permanent Plus-1 after all?

*No, wait. I got it: You know the guy that Arlington ISD was going to bus all those students to see before they had to backtrack and cancel the trip after not letting those same students watch that other guy? Yeah, that's it! Translation: George Dubya Bush on with Norm Hitzges Monday. You heard it here first.

*I'm not saying Rangers' hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo should be fired. But after this season he should shoulder some blame and be examined/scrutinized with a high-powered microscope. I know he lost Michael Young and never really had Josh Hamilton, but the game's supposed best hitting instructor couldn't fix Chris Davis and the Rangers will snap 13 consecutive seasons of scoring 800+ runs. Bottom line: For the first time in their 37-year history the Rangers will miss the playoffs because of their bats.

*As for Giants-Cowboys (or any other home game in Arlington, for that matter), you've all told me to "get over it" so I'm not going to rant about the JumboJerry do-over rule. But if this scenario unfolds, I don't wanna hear a peep: Punting from New York's 45 and nursing a 6-point lead with less than a minute remaining, Cowboys' punter Mat McBriar sailed a beautiful, high spiral punt that - doink - hit the scoreboard. On the do-over, McBriar's punt was blocked and returned for a Giants' touchdown in one of the most bizarre, heart-breaking losses in the history of the franchise. Not. A. Peep.

*Socialist or not, you gotta high-five Barack Obama for calling Kanye West a "jackass." Right? Even though - truth be told - I still think it was all grand, scripted theater. Look what the stunt begat: Kanye's a courageous dude not afraid to stick up for his peeps. Beyonce has a video I've just got to see. Taylor Swift is an award-winning hottie I've just got to see more. And Brett Favre Jay Leno apparently has come out of retirement for a new talk show. Who knew? Obama's reaction was genuine. The rest of it? Faker than Serena Williams' sincerity.

*Betcha $1 Kanye's next album is entitled - you guessed it - JackAss. And all this time I thought Johnny Knoxville was Jackass.

*Drove over the Trinity River last week as it crested near flood stage. The stench reminded me what a bunch of dolts our city leaders are. Planning a park on top of a toilet? Really?



*Two weeks from today we'll be a couple days into Mavericks' training camp. We still mad about Martin Gortat or do we even care?

*Patrick Swayze will always be "Sam" to me. 57 is too young man, too young.

*Eddie Izzard > Ricky Gervais.

*Karma schmarma, I don't fear the Swine Flu. In fact, I taunt it. Oink oink.

*Texas 52, Texas Tech 10. A preview.

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