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"Who Do You Trust?" by Sam Merten, April 30

A Water Park

Would Be Nice

I can't even imagine the wonders we could accomplish in this city with half a billion dollars. How many community centers equipped with tutors, teachers and computers that will change the future of DISD students and their parents? Maybe we could fund the homeless shelter so that it is open and safe at night. Maybe even provide some clinic options in the city. Promote the Arts District and Farmers Market areas. But I digress. I wonder if anyone has a list of the 20 hotel owners who support the convention center hotel? I'd be interested to see that and hear what they have to say.

Diane Noble from Dallas, via dallasobserver.com

So, on the one hand, the hotel supporters keep saying that the hotel won't use any taxpayer money. And then on the other hand, they keep saying that if no hotel is built, the convention center will continue to lose money, which is taxpayer money from the general fund.

But the convention center bonds are revenue bonds. And the hotel will be built with revenue bonds. So, either we shouldn't be paying the convention center losses with taxpayer money OR any losses that the hotel experiences will be made up with taxpayer funds.

So our choice is that the city is so incompetent that they're paying money they shouldn't OR, more likely, hotel supporters are leaving out an important caveat when they make the "no taxpayer money" claim and should, instead, be saying "as long as the hotel always at least breaks even [which, according to the city's own numbers, will be difficult to do] no taxpayer money will be used."

Suburban Idiot from Dallas, via dallasobserver.com

The mayor of Dallas very rarely actually runs Dallas. Rather, they serve as a talking head for those who REALLY run Dallas: business special interests. I don't really have a problem with that, as long their pet projects are NOT on the tax-payers dime...and you'd think such a heavily conservative-influenced city would agree.

Mike from Dallas, via dallasobserver.com

You can not lead people that you do not love. Does the mayor, Mr. Leppert love Dallas and the citizens? As the highest elected official in Dallas, he has not publicly addressed the swine flu events. We need reassurance from our top leader. He has not publicly addressed the looming $100 million dollar budget deficit. He has not publicly addressed the already implemented cuts in city services. You can not lead people that you do not love!

Church Lady from Dallas, via dallasobserver.com

Like the mayor said, this hotel will supply jobs for the community and will attract many tourists here in Dallas. It will supply money to families and homeowners in Dallas as well. This hotel is a great idea and will help the community of Dallas in many ways. This hotel will not lose money but rather gain money.

Mike, via dallasobserver.com

"Dirty Dozen," by Richie Whitt

Patience is a Virtue

I just had a great idea. How about letting this play out and see if any of these players can contribute before making assumptions purely based on which round they were drafted in. The quantity vs. quality slam doesn't work because for one thing, first and second round picks don't come with guarantees of success, and we only need to hit on a few of these picks anyway, as is the case with the draft every year. Throw in the fact that players drafted later come much cheaper for a team that has a lot of high salaries, and it makes sense to do what the Cowboys did here. This article provides nothing but a short-sided, knee-jerk reaction.

BMS from Dallas, via dallasobserver.com

I know there were some QB'S selected this year, but what was the reason for Rudy Carpenter? He is an un-drafted free agent, so why do we have three QBs other than him? I watched Rudy play while he was at Arizona State. It sounds like the Cowboys are interested in Mcgee of A&M. What's going up with Rudy Carpenter and his chances as a Cowboy QB?

Donnie from Seattle, via dallasobserver.com

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