Who Loves Their Neighborhood, Baby?

Can't say we didn't warn you: Back in May we offered up the heads-up that the city was giving away money to folks who could prove they really, really loved their neighborhood and just needed a few thou to take care of some pet projects. Turns out, 30 groups applied for the Loving My Community Neighborhood Improvement Grant -- and 11 met the criteria, per the city's Web site. Hence the $89,000 and change handed out to supplement such projects as the creation of a Promise of Peace Community Garden in Coronado Hills, a new park in North Oak Cliff, median clean-up in Northwest Dallas and the reopening of Works Progress Administration trails in Keist Park. There's supposed to be another round of submissions ... don't know when. (Messages have been left.) Now, if you'll only threaten to move your community garden to Irving, that's when the real money comes in ...

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Robert Wilonsky
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