Who's House? Darren's House.

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I was driving, quick as I could, through a big-money neighborhood a few weeks back when I spotted, at the curve where Northaven Road turns into E. Ricks Circle, a mother of a manse. The missus said, only half joking, that she thought it was a convention center of some kind; the 4-year-old in the back seat insisted, no, it's a hotel. Turns out, nope, it's just a house -- one that's been under construction for so long it's actually on Google Street View looking very much like it does today. Turns out it belongs to a country musician who's done awful well for hisself -- though I'd never heard of him till I got a peek at the Dallas Central Appraisal District site. Then again, I ain't been to Gilley's since, um, never.

Curious? Then jump. There's video ...

According to DCAD, the property belongs to Darren Kozelsky, and it's worth about $1.4 million -- and, yeah, that is just the property. Word amongst the neighbors is that Kozelsky -- whose band includes, no kiddin', ex-Fever in the Funkhouse guitarist Chris Claridy -- is building such an enormous spread because the lower level will house his recording studio. And, natch, he needs a place to keep the tour bus -- though from the looks of his touring schedule, the guy's on the road quite a bit.

So that clears that up. Below's a video I took of the joint a few weeks back, with the soundtrack courtesy Quincy Jones. If I'da known then what I know now, we woulda fired up some Darren Kozelsky. Maybe. --Robert Wilonsky


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