Who's More Valuable: Owen Wilson or Luke Wilson? Jessica Simpson or Angie Harmon?

It's got to be the ultimate celebrity time-waste: Forbes has compiled and just posted a list of more than 1,400 "working actors" ranked according to their "Star Currency." And this was no easy task: Notes the magazine, a survey ...

... was sent to entertainment industry members globally asking them to use a provided scale in ranking 1,400-plus actors as individuals on a range of attributes regarding their participation in a film, including the actor's ability to attract significant financing to a project with their involvement; if their presence guarantees theatrical distribution; if they significantly drive theatrical box office performance; and if their involvement is an essential component in securing rights deals for revenue streams including DVD, pay/free TV, etc

And that's just for starters. But however it was cooked up, the list is searchable by name, as only the Top 20 "most valuable actors" merited the slide show. It is a great way to kill what's left of your day -- also, what's left of your self-esteem if you didn't make the list. (Really, no Elizabeth Mitchell? What, she get Lost?)

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