Why Read When You Can Read About TV?

Just a quick reminder that our dear Uncle Barky's out in Los Angeles for the next few weeks, sending back daily (hourly?) missives from the Television Critics Association's press tour, where all the networks trot out their biggest names to pimp their latest product. The Startlegram's Robert Philpot is also out there and penning his own blog; he just informed us that Dallas boy Todd Oldham is about to start talking about his new Bravo reality show Top Design, which we're kinda looking forward. So if you wanna hear what Todd has to say, check with Philpot later.

Uncle Barky's doing a fine job, as usual. Hmmm, who'd The Dallas Morning News send out to the press tour, again? Oh, that's right. No one. Yup, great decision. But those comics sure are easy to read. Still, c'mon, Ed. It's the Interweb, lighten up. If Apprentice producer Mark Burnett says "fuck," quote him. Don't do this again: "You think he'd (f-word) listen to me?" Please? Besides, this review of a BCC America dinner made us think you were so over being reigned in by the Young Street Gang: "Mead tastes a little sour-pussy." Love it. --Robert Wilonsky

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