Will CBS Be Shooting Big D in Dallas? Start Holding Your Breath ...

Word of a would-be CBS-TV series titled Big D has been circulating since last October, when creators Jeff and Jackie Filgo got the high sign from the network. At the time, no further details were available -- but as Tim Rogers pointed out over the weekend, The Hollywood Reporter has come up with this much: The show "centers on a New York couple who moves to the man's hometown of Dallas, where his Southern-belle mother makes life complicated for his East coast wife." Which sounds terrrrrible. That said, if Warner Bros. Television, the show's production company, wants to shoot the thing here, well, let me rephrase that: Best. Series. Ever. At least since Prison Break. Or Walker, Texas Ranger.

Dallas Film Commissioner Janis Burklund tells Unfair Park "she's been talking to CBS, and I hope to be able to tell you more very, very soon." Which means all signs point to promising at present. (And they could get ... better? More in coming days, fingers and toes crossed.) Alas, pilot season's been slow going this year: The networks took a while to ramp up following the Writers Guild of America strike of 2007-'08. But there could come a time when Dallas is back in the TV bidness.

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