Will State Higher-Ed Board Make Creationism "Science" This Week? Mebbe So ...

Item No. 3 on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Committee on Academic Excellence and Research's agenda today reads as follows: "Public Hearing on the Institute for Creation Research, Dallas," simple as that. Of course, Friend of Unfair Park know there's nothing simple about today's hearing, which will preface tomorrow's vote during which the state's higher-ed board will decide whether or not to allow the Institute for Creation Research to grant degrees in creationism. This, of course, has been the subject of much debate since December, when we brought word that one of the board's committees recommended approving ICR's request.

Whilst both sides gear up for battle in advance of the 10 a.m. meeting in Austin, you might oughta read Jesse's excellent cover story on the subject -- and the comments beneath. Just remember the famous last words of the state's Commissioner of Higher Education, Raymund A. Paredes: “I don’t know. I’m not a scientist.” --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Or, mebbe not: "A bid by the Dallas-based Institute for Creation Research to train future science teachers was flatly rejected by Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board members Wednesday."

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