Willa Ford to Make Her Triumphant (Far as You Know) Return to the Movies

Speaking of the local film business ...

Willa Ford's an awful nice lady from my limited experience spent with Mr. and Mrs. Mike Modano, but I've seen little of her film work; this, for example, is all I've seen of her star turn as Anna Nicole Smith in 2007, and I somehow managed to miss February's redo of Friday the 13th. So we'll wait and see how this turns out: From Cole Avenue-HQ'd Dreamfly Productions comes  word today that on Monday, it'll begin shooting -- both in Dallas and "on a fabulous 5,000 acre ranch in Frisco" -- a film called Minuteman, which it pitches thusly: "a sci-fi thriller in the tradition of Bourne Identity and Manchurian Candidate." The cast includes the great Barry Corbin, familiar TV guester Riley Smith and others, and is being directed by author and filmmaker Mark Millhone. The press release describes him as "Oscar winning director," which is technically accurate: Says the Internet Movie Database page, in 1997 he won a Student Academy Award for his Columbia University short Christmas in New York.

Dreamfly ... Dreamfly ... that rings a bell. Oh, wait. Now I remember: That was the production company behind Serenity Falls, which was supposed to star Sam Shepard, Paz Vega, Omar Epps and Burton Gilliam and begin shooting here last year. Wonder what became of it? Calls have been made. This go-round, Dreamfly's been keeping a pre-production blog. And: There's a video game, courtesy SMU's The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.