Wired Visits Garland to Find Out What's Taken Forever With Duke Nukem Forever

Just got around to reading the latest issue of Wired, which details the myriad delays that made the title of Duke Nukem Forever painfully appropriate. The Garland gaming developers at 3D Realms wouldn't talk -- there is, after all, that mammoth lawsuit pending, in which publisher Take-Two, which fronted 3D Realms the development money, is demanding millions, not to mention the game's code. But the story more or less confirms long-swirling stories that 3D Realms' George Broussard kept rebooting the game because he wanted it to hit shelves with the latest and greatest game engine, after which the staff that didn't burn out flat out revolted. But just last week, 3D Realms insisted, look, there will be new Duke Nukem titles in 2010 -- including, just maybe, Duke Nukem Forever?

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