With "Considerable Regret," Mary Suhm Breaks News of Ramón Míguez's Resignation

In the memo below, written by Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm and sent to Mayor Tom Leppert and the city council (as well as other city officials), you'll find a list of all Assistant City Manager Ramón F. Míguez's accomplishments -- as well as a breakdown of how the remaining four assistant city managers will cover his copious duties, since Miguez done up and resigned today and there ain't no money in the budget to hire a replacement. But, wait, why the departure? Well, Rudy Bush suggests he wasn't none too happy with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' "unacceptable" rating of the Trinity River levees. But we've been promised that Míguez -- who was charged with overseeing Aviation, Communication and Information Services, Convention and Event Services, Public Works & Transportation, Sanitation Services, Street Services and Water Utilities -- will return our call later today, so we'll get the what-the-what straight from him. Either that, or his resignation letter. Regardless, Friday's his last day, lucky.
Ramon Miguez Memo

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