Keven McAlester, at right, with Roky Erickson, subject of Kev's acclaimed documentary You're Gonna Miss Me

With the New Old 97's Video, Keven McAlester Is Officially a Genius

Surely, the Friends know the name: He's an old pal, local boy, former met music editor, ex-Adventure Club co-host, my El Lay replacement and now an acclaimed filmmaker of both the short-form and long-form variety who's done videos for the likes of The New Year, Rhett Miller and Spoon.

Anyway, Kevvy Kev just finished the video for "Dance With Me," the first single off the Old 97's Blame it on Gravity, and it's a wondrous thing -- a beautifully, comically choreographed epic starring, no shit, Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica, who gets far more face time than the band -- a wise move, heh. I just posted it over on DC9 at Night; we'll repost it to Unfair Park later today, when I get Kev on the phone for a making-of Q&A. Till then, hop over to our music blog for some lunchtime entertainment; you will not be disappointed. --Robert Wilonksy


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