Woman Says 8-Year-Old Mauled By Her Pit Bull Kind of Had It Coming

On Halloween night, an 8-year-old boy walked to the front door of the house at 1703 Danube Drive, a couple of blocks from the Cedar Crest Golf Course. It's not clear from a police report whether he was trick-or-treating or simply visiting the home, as he did from time to time.

Whatever the case, the boy was standing in the yard when a pit bull bolted out the front door and mauled the child before it was pulled away. The boy had large cuts to his legs, chest, and head and was bleeding profusely.

The kid had already been taken to the hospital by the time police and animal control officers arrived. The woman who lived at the house hadn't been home during the incident, but she explained that the pit bull is an inside dog; her daughter had let it out on accident when she opened the front door.

Really, though, it wasn't all the dog's fault, she told police. When the 8-year-old had been over before, she noticed he was too rough with the dog. She doesn't explicitly say that the kid had it coming, but it's pretty well implied. The dog, no doubt, is sweet as can be when he's not mauling small children.

Police spokesman Gerardo Monreal said he didn't have the name of the woman (based on DCAD the house seems to be a rental) and that animal control is now in charge of the investigation. We've contacted the city for additional details. The kid seems to be doing OK, considering the circumstances.

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