Robert Rummel-Hudson with daughter Schuyler

Words for His "Wordless" Daughter

Three days ago, the Kirkus Review ran a rave of a book called Schuyler's Monster: A Father's Journey with His Wordless Daughter, which is due out mid-February from St. Martin's Press. In its subscriber-only review, the publishing-biz trade said of the book's author, he relates "the battle for his exceptional daughter with nimble wit, ardor and considerable descriptive ability." And, it concludes, Robert Rummel-Hudson "has evolved from blogger to author." Kinder words you will not find.

The author and his family live in Plano; he's currently the architecture communication coordinator at the University of Texas at Arlington, where the student newspaper profiled Rummel-Hudson and his family in September. And, indeed, Rummel-Hudson is a stunningly prolific and award-winning blogger; he maintains both this Web site, which is the official blog for the book, and this one, where Schuyler has her own page (it describes the rare disorder that has led to her condition).

After the jump is a trailer for the book, and here are links to several videos Rummel-Hudson has posted to YouTube in recent months. And here is an excerpt from a book you will no doubt be hearing a great deal about in coming weeks. --Robert Wilonsky

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