Would-Be Mayors and Their Money, Honey

Future record producer Zac Crain

Yeah, fine, Max Wells has more than half a mil on hand for the mayoral race, 300 thou of it in his back pocket. And, yeah, Our Pal Zac's bringing up the near rear with $1,942 on hand (but wait till ya get a load of his CD Saturday). At least Z.C. and West Dallas Chamber of Commerce President John Cappello could pool their remaining on-hand funds and buy a really nice high-def television set. But what I wanna know is how did cross-dressing candidate Jennifer Gale spend $1.42 of his/her $14.75 worth of contributions. (From Wikipedia: Gale "often sings to the Austin City Council during its meetings." And check this from the Burnt Orange Report. Jenny, my vote is yours. OK. Not s'much. Forget it.) Me, I'd go down to City Hall to check on campaign filings and all, but, ya know, screw that.

On a related note: The missus just came in to report that all the TV weather people look "beaten." And all the reporters now refuse to trek to the top of Mt. High Five. The boss just called to say we could take a snow day off. Never. If city council ain't calling off its weekly meeting today -- I just checked, and they're on, much like the DISD -- why would we call it a day? Or a snow day? But I am a little disappointed: The Dallas Morning News shows up in the front yard today, but no New York Times. Aw, screw The Times -- their comics and puzzles are too small. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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