WRR, Can You Spare a Dime?

Speaking of Wednesday's budget briefing ...

Here's a heretofore unmentioned addition to the list of proposed revenue sources to help cover a fraction of a fraction of the city's $190-million shortfall: WRR-FM (101.1)'s spare change, of which there appears to be plenty. As it says on Page 11:

  • Transfer from WRR for support of the arts
  • WRR contributes 25% of annual profits to Arts Endowment Fund
  • Arts Endowment used for projects involving culturally specific and ethnic artists
  • Cash balance in the WRR fund exceeds required levels
  • Recommend use of $2m in excess cash for a one-time transfer to the General Fund in support of the arts for FY2009-10

Worries one Friend of Unfair Park: Sure, but given the expected consolidation of departments (from 32 to 23) and proposed layoffs (785, including in the Office of the City Auditor) and possible reduction of up to 20 percent in the city workforce, who'll be left at City Hall to make sure the money's actually spent on the arts?

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