Today's the day that will long be remembered as the day 27-year-old auditor Landon Yeager told the world he has soft, minty lips. Too bad he's married, ladies. And how do we know this? For The New York Times tell us so:

He carries one in his pocket, said Landon Yeager, an auditor from Dallas. ''One in my gym bag, one in my briefcase, one in my desk and one in my car.''

And every morning after he brushes his teeth, Mr. Yeager, 27, puts some of it on.

Since he started using Jack Black Intense Lip Therapy Balm about five years ago to soothe lips frequently chapped from airline travel, Mr. Yeager said he has been hooked on the ''cool mint feeling.'' So hooked that for his wedding last year he included the balm in a cosmetic gift pack for his groomsmen.

Landon Yeager, today you are a star, and, yes, your lips looks fabulous. --Robert Wilonsky

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