X-Men's New Banshee, Caleb Landry Jones, Also Happens to Be a Very Good Local Musician

DC9 in SPACE: Robert Jones from Dallas Observer on Vimeo.

So much to get to before closing out this wet work week, including Elliot's recap of his day with the Westboro Baptist Church-folk and some legal matters concerning the wet-dry election. But first ...

Only a few folks have been cast in X-Men: First Class, Matthew Vaughan's mutant-academy prequel. One of the students, though, is very familiar to readers of DC9 at Night -- Caleb Landry Jones, otherwise known as the drummer and singer of local band Robert Jones, subject of an installment of DC9 in Space last August. Late yesterday the 20-year-old Jones was introduced as Banshee, the mutant with the "sonic scream." Perfect.

He's also done some other stuff -- Friday Night Lights, the forthcoming The Last Exorcism and David Fincher's Facebook docudrama The Social Network. Since I won't get to a for-your-weekend-listening-pleasure till tomorrow, here are a few selections from Jones's solo work. I dig. Very much.

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