Yahoo! Them Huddled Masses Sure are Good for Texas!

Welcome, pardners: More illegals! More illegals over here, please!

The Census Bureau released its 2010 numbers last week, bringing tidings of joy locally over the four additional U.S. House seats Texas should get out of the new numbers, which show Texas having grown at more than 20 percent in population since 2000. Todd Gillman at the Morning News had a story about all the giddiness over the new seats, along with some recognition that a big chunk of Texas' growth was Hispanic. But that's the story of America too.


Leo Berman

The Pew Hispanic Center published a study four years ago predicting that Hispanics would make up the biggest component—36 percent—of the so-called "last hundred million," the people who have pushed the national population over the 300-million mark.

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In last week's cover story, "Return to Sender," about the possible shape U.S. immigration policy might take with the 2011's new Congress, the Observer spoke to people like state Senator Leo Berman, who is foaming at the mouth to get all of the Hispanic immigrants kicked out of Texas as fast as possible. Berman shared with us an interesting "fact"—and if you're at all familiar with Berman's grasp of "facts," you'll understand the quote marks there. Anyway, Berman tells us that Los Angeles is now run by illegal aliens.

GOOD GOD! Let's hope that never happens in an American city.

Here's a less quote-mark-worthy factoid: The Department of Homeland Security estimates that Texas has the nation's second-largest population of no-papers people or whatever you want to call them—"unauthorized immigrants," the favored euphemism amongst us libtards, or illegal aliens or baby-bearing dirty bombers, as you may prefer. In 2008 the DHS estimated our paperless population at about 1.7 million. (That number probably has fallen somewhat since the study.)

But here's a wrinkle. The census is required by the Constitution to carry out an "actual enumeration" of the "whole number of persons" in the United States.

That means the census must count unauthorized dirty-bombers right along with your real people, otherwise known as citizens. An analysis carried out for Congress and published last January concluded it would take a constitutional amendment to eliminate illegals from the congressional redistricting formula. As it stands now, the more illegals you have in your state, the more seats you may win in the House.

So perhaps people like Berman should reflect on the fact that our illegals may have been a big factor in getting us those extra four seats, one of which may be slated for Dallas-Fort Worth.

In other words: The more illegals, the merrier!

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