These two people were at the Gypsy Tea Room. Apparently, just being around them makes people very, very horny. No idea why.

Yeah, But How Was the Music?

Anybody who thinks this music gig is loaded with perks wouldn't necessarily be mistaken, but one of those wasn't a ticket to the Justin Timberlake concert at the Gypsy Tea Room last night. Kidd Kraddick didn't come banging on my doors, offering an extra pass to the KISS-FM-sponsored show, so I found other things to do, but I wound up in Deep Ellum by the time the concert was over. I saw one of the Gypsy Tea Room staff members at the Deep Ellum 7-Eleven as Timberlake's tour bus pulled out of the club parking lot, so I introduced myself. The staffer didn't offer too much of a review--"Uh, there were a coupl'a covers"--but he had a few bits of info.

The concert, complete with full band, lasted roughly two hours (no opener). Timbaland was in the house, taking the stage with Justin for one of his encores, and Cameron Diaz sat at the obscured end of the stage and watched the entire show. Most important to this Gyspy employee, of course, was the near-capacity crowd: "I've never seen so many hot ladies in my life." No fights or problems occurred with the hundreds of people at the Gypsy, but the staffer had plenty of Penthouse stories to share filled with random fondlings from attractive women; one in particular made out with the guy after he confiscated her camera, telling him, "Imagine what would've happened if you didn't take the camera away." I could've sworn I mentioned something about perks a second ago... --Sam Machkovech

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