Truth be told, we'd much rather meet this woman wearing Jessica Simpson's bathing suit.

Yeah, But, Like, Where's Tony?

If I weren't heading down to Austin this afternoon for the South by Southwest Film Festival, I'd find, somehow, to make to Dillard's in Stonebriar Centre tomorrow morning at 11 -- when, wowie, Jessica Simpson will be signing autographs ("X ... thank you ... X ... move along ...") whilst pimping merch from her clothing line. Only, you gotta spend $75 for the signature, or $74 more than its worth, looks like.

And in SXSW-related news, tonight the latest members of the Texas Film Hall of Fame will be inducted -- and this year's Dallas native is ... Morgan Fairchild? Monday, or perhaps even earlier, I will provide video footage during which, I hope, someone will explain why. --Robert Wilonsky

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