Yeah, Mom, It's All Your Fault!

Since you don't read Mental Health Business Week and we do--we're core readers, y'all--we thought we'd pass this along this: Dr. Kristy Hager, a child psychologist at Children's Medical Center Dallas, tells MHBW that, "Parents who possess an understanding of important principles, ideas and actions contribute to the formation of a resilient mindset in their children." Wuh-oh. Time to call the missus. We've been reading the wrong books.

Some advice: "Make your child feel special and appreciated." "Love unconditionally." "Celebrate your child's skills and competence." "Teach your child to learn from his mistakes." "Cultivate your child's sense of responsibility, compassion and social conscience." Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what Noggin's for, isn't it? Besides, that's not what got us interested in the piece. No, it was the opening paragraph, which we assume Hager didn't write:

"Too often, newspaper headlines tell the story of an adult whose troubled childhood influences his actions decades later. Look no further than Florida Representative Mark Foley, whose history of sex abuse continues to affect him as an adult. Or the gunman who targeted a quiet Amish community."

Really? So it sounds like you have two options: Be nice to your children, or they will try to IM-screw a Congressional page and then kill a classroom full of kids. It's science. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.