Yes, But Is She Jewish?

People get arrested at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport all the time. Like, just last Saturday, former Miss USA Shannon Marketic was arrested at DFW on a public intoxication charge. Three years back, a 57-year-old woman was booted out of the airport for flashing anti-war placards. And last summer, you recall, BetOnSports' David Carruthers was on a layover at DFW when he was popped and charged with racketeering conspiracy for participating in an illegal gambling enterprise.

But nothing beats this video, taken two days ago in DFW's Terminal E (between gates 16 and 17, looks like) after a woman allegedly missed her flight and somehow wound up being hauled off by airport cops who were reminded, more than a few times, that this woman was, indeed, one of the Chosen People. "I'm going for coffee, and I got arrested because I'm Jewish." Most, um, poignant part: When she tells someone off-camera to "go home, don't worry about me." (Mom?) Another woman was also arrested -- why, we have no idea, since she, apparently, is not Jewish. And, yes, calls will be have been made to DFW media relations this morning. If they aren't already calling us. --Robert Wilonsky

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