Rev. Andrew Weaver

Yet Again, a Last-Ditch Effort to Keep Bush Think Tank Off SMU Campus

Every few days or so, there appears in the Unfair Park e-box a missive from one Andrew Weaver, a Brooklyn-based Methodist minister and Perkins School of Theology grad who, from jump, has been trying to keep George W. Bush's think tank off the SMU campus. Weaver, whom we've mentioned a few times since early '07, firmly believes the university has no right to allow the partisan policy center on campus; says the Mustang of his alma mater, "I feel an indebtedness to keep it from being overwhelmed by the right wing." Which is why he's not giving up, despite this being a done deal.

According to the Associated Press, Weaver and other Bush library, museum and think tank opponents have "hired a Maine public relations firm to design ads for Methodist publications and do other strategies" that they hope will convince churchgoers to beg their bishops to help kill the think tank. It's in advance of the United Methodist Church's South Central Jurisdiction July 16-19 meeting in Dallas; Weaver has repeatedly insisted that a majority of its 290 delegates must approve the library complex before SMU can proceed. To which Brad Cheves, SMU's vice president for external affairs and development, has repeatedly said: "Pish." Also, "Posh." To which Weaver has responded, "Meh." --Robert Wilonsky


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