Yet Another Reason to Avoid the Tollway

As if the fear of wrong-way drivers, fiery crashes and wheelie-poppers wasn't enough to put you in the bike lane, the North Texas Tollway Authority has released video from a Wednesday-morning crash near the Belt Line Road exit in which no one, astoundingly, was seriously hurt. Yet one more reason never to leave the house again. Starting tonight.

Update: To all those who've asked if they've discovered what caused the accident -- which is to say, why the driver in the Nissan changed lanes right into an 18-wheeler -- I've left a message for Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Lonnie Haschel. He should know.

Update at 5:32 p.m.: Sgt. Robert Bernard, DPS's Man on the Tollway, tells Unfair Park that his investigators likely won't know till Tuesday why the Nissan plowed into the big rig. But he does say they're looking at all possibilities -- including everything from blow-out to texting. "The factors and charges to be filed, we're still investigating that," he says. We'll update accordingly.

While we wait, though, it turns out that Rock Cunanan, one of our sales reps, was actually on the scene -- and he's got the iPhone photos to prove it. They follow. He also told me he will post his account of the incident in the comments.


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Robert Wilonsky
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