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You Betcha: Week 5

The Redskins hate the Cowboys about as much as I hate losing to The Man.

Which puts us both in a real pissy mood this week.

I have more bad news for Washington: The Redskins are going to lose Sunday. Furthermore, its town is a hotbed of Cowboys’ fandom. So says DirecTV, anyway.

The satellite mega-giant and home of the NFL Sunday Ticket did some research to decipher who is watching what and where they're watching it from. The results? Washington, D.C. watches more Cowboys’ games on DirecTV than any city outside Texas.

Which means every set this side of Dubya watching SpongeBob reruns will be tuned to Fox Sunday at 3:15. What will the displaced Cowboys' fans see?

A Cowboys’ blowout, it says here. Of course, I’m 0-3 on Dallas games this season, so get those coins a flippin’.

I know Redskins’ quarterback Jason Campbell has yet to throw an interception and the Cowboys are always losing track of Santana Moss and Chris Cooley. But what the Cowboys did in Green Bay off a short week and an emotional game leads me to believe they are more than heads and shoulders above everyone in the NFC, maybe the NFL.

Think about it: Terrell Owens had only two catches, Patrick Crayton was shut out, Tony Romo committed two Red-Zone turnovers and the Cowboys still rolled up 453 yards and 27 points.

“People say Tony had a bad game,” says former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, who will call Sunday’s blowout with Joe Buck at Texas Stadium. “But games like that are what put me in the Hall of Fame.”

Redskins’ pass-rusher Jason Taylor is out and the Cowboys are getting back onto the field linebacker Anthony Spencer and receiver Sam Hurd. If Owens’ keeps hustling and Felix Jones keeps scoring, there’s no reason to believe the Cowboys won’t keep winning.

And covering.

I started with a mythical bankroll of $10,000, courtesy of Bodog sports online gaming. First of all, because their site is easy to navigate. Second, because they’re based in Costa Rica and have had minimal success tracking me down in the past.

I’ll analyze games of local interest each weekend and make a wager or two every Friday. With any luck, by Christmas it’ll be toys for everyone.

STARTING BANKROLL: $10,000 CURRENT BANKROLL: $6,000 SEASON RECORD: 1-3 LAST WEEK: 0-1 (-$2,000) THIS WEEK: Cowboys minus-10 over Redskins. -- Richie Whitt

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