You Can Have the Shirt Off His Back, But Not Without a Lawsuit First

In October, Waxahachie High School sophomore Paul "Pete" Palmer was given the heave-ho from his classes because he was acting up. By which we mean the troublemaker was wearing a T-shirt that read, very simply, "John Edwards 08." The outrage! Anarchy, anarchy, anarchy! District administrators said, sorry, but the shirt was against dress code: “T-shirts, other than WISD clubs, organizations, sports, or spirit t-shirts, college or university t-shirts or solid-colored t-shirts, are prohibited." To which his folks said last fall: Fine, but we just might sue anyway.

And they're going to file today, matter of fact. We just received a missive from -- who else? -- Plano-based Liberty Legal Institute in advance of a 1:45 p.m. press conference "announcing LLI taking action against Waxahachie School District for suspending student." Paul and his folks'll be there; so too will attorney Allyson Ho of Baker Botts LLP and LLI's director of litigation, Hiram Sasser, who, like Laura Miller, also isn't technically in PR, but, ya know. --Robert Wilonsky


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