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You Can Live Here and Still be a "Homesick Texan," Dang It

Last night's Top Chef was a bland bust: Abacus' Tre Wilcox disappointed again (bottom three in the Quickfire Challenge, blamed on his lousy selection of shellfish -- yeah, OK), and Shinsei's Casey Thompson disappeared again (she got but a few seconds of screen time). So we'll avoid any recapping; don't think you much care anyway. Instead, here's this Thursday's foodie fix:

Thanks to that PC World list to which Glenna referred a couple days back, I found Slashfood -- which is, yes, the Slashdot of food, more or less. And that took me here: to Homesick Texan, run by an expat Texican who done moved to NYC 11 years back and has spend the ever-since-then in "pursuit of good refried beans." Judging by the comments -- and she gets plenty -- Homesick Texan plays well to natives who've wound up on both coasts and everywhere else in between.

And while most of you reading this most likely live in Texas (by which I mean my parents' house -- hi, Mom), our new favorite sorta-Yankee provides on a semi-regular basis recipes for homegrown, easy-make favorites you're probably itching to try in your very own kitchen -- say, some puffy tacos stuffed with ground beef, coleslaw with cilantro and jalapenos and tinga. And there's plenty of writin' on there as well: "When my parents were young and still in college, we often ate at Pancho’s because kids got free rice and beans." My life story too, come to think of it. --Robert Wilonsky

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