You Can Own Your Very Own Vince Lombardi Trophy, Only Slightly Used by "K-Mart"

Be patient, as this page, forwarded along by Friend of Unfair Park PeterK, may take a while to load. But it's totally worth it, especially if, on this post-Super Bowl Monday, you're looking to own your very own Vince Lombardi Trophy. Actually, claims Championship Rings, this trophy belonged to former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Kelvin Martin; it was presented to him following the team's Super Bowl XXVII win over the Buffalo Bills in 1993 -- and, yeah, sure seems like a million years ago.

Says the description, "This *HARD-TO-FIND* 1992 Dallas Cowboys "Super Bowl XXVII" Champions Vince Lombardi Player's Trophy ... is approximately 16.5" high, 6" diameter, weighs 8.5 lbs., and was made by Tiffany and Company." Not all teams get their players the slightly smaller replicas, but the Cowboys did in the 1990s -- Jerry Jones even did it for the coaching staff and some key front-office personnel. The originals are made by Tiffany and worth about $25,000 -- though, right, they're priceless. This one ain't cheap either: $12,995 (though it likely isn't from Tiffany, the owner of one Jerry-commissioned replica tells Unfair Park). Tried to get hold of Martin, but even the Cowboys PR department doesn't have a good number for No. 83.

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