You Can Ring My Belleview Pedestrian Connector From Cedars DART Station to ... Um

Merten, my favorite Hobbit, is spending his morning at the city council's Trinity River Corridor Project Committee meeting just under way -- lucky! And among the topics of conversation we haven't already covered is the 450-foot-long Belleview Pedestrian Connector, which is supposed to connect the Cedars DART Station "with a proposed major development" along the Trinity River -- which is supposed to be the JPI project that didn't go into foreclosure but is a long, long, long way from ... well, from what we're still not quite sure.

The city's been hot for a DART-Trinity Park pedestrian connector for years; here's a 2007 briefing on the project, formerly known as "Belleview/McKee to Trinity Park," which was guesstimated to cost $2 million in the fall of '07. Earlier this month, the Park and Recreation Board approved spending $187,344 on the design for the project; the council's scheduled to vote next week, and a design's due by November.

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Robert Wilonsky
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