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Remember when Dallas police Chief David Kunkle was unhappy with the influx of Katrina evacuees, insisting they'd roll into Dallas on a crime wave? No? Then a refresher from the September 2, 2005, edition of The Dallas Morning News:

"Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle said, 'We're hoping for the best and preparing for the worst,' about the security situation caused by thousands of beleaguered people flocking downtown. 'We don't know what kinds of populations we'll be getting on the buses. New Orleans has historically been a violent city. But we will keep the residents of Dallas safe.'"

Well, maybe this is what he was talking about. Yesterday, the United States Marshal Service issued a press release confirming the capture of a Katrina evacuee who came to Dallas and, on February 6, allegedly shot a man in front of his girlfriend and their newborn. Derrick J. Moffett got popped in Seattle, where he has relatives. --Robert Wilonsky

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