You Know How I Know You're Gay?

Simon Doonan, the creative director of Barney's, says Dallas is almost as good as rehab -- which I've been saying for years, but everyone else has been too high and/or drunk to notice. Anyhoo, Doonan writes in this week's New York Observer that he's been in town lots lately opening the Barney's in NorthPark Center, and he's just become addicted to the fab Dallas Westin Park Central...no, wait, that cannot be right. Oh, it is? Pardon. Says Simon: "If the Westin is good enough for me and Wayne Newton, it's certainly good enough for you."

Anyway, Doonan's piece is just about the most fab, mod and marvy read ever, especially the bit about how, when he was here last week for the fashion show in the NorthPark parking lot, the Westin was overrun with "hundreds, possibly thousands, of Texas electrical engineers -- Wrangler-wearing linemen -- who were gathered for their annual conference." In short, writes Doonan, "It was a totally freaky scene, an alternative Brokeback universe, minus the faggotry." That is so Dallas. --Robert Wilonsky

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