You Know Who Really Likes President Obama's Jobs Bill? Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

Speaking of President Obama's visit to Dallas yesterday ...

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins was among the D's who got to briefly meet with the president Tuesday. Which prompted an email sent out moments ago by Dallas County Public Information Officer Maria Arita, in which the attorney-turned-county judge insists not only has he read the American Jobs Act, but it's the best read of the year -- a real page-turned sure to put Dallas County back to work. How's that? Well, says Jenkins:

We need Congress to vote on this important legislation. It provides much needed help to our schools, which is critical because the cuts made to education funding by the state legislature will be much more severe next year. Without this bill Texas schoolchildren will lose thousands of teachers.

Additionally, the infrastructure bank would be extremely helpful to our local transportation projects. The current TIFIA program is too cumbersome for innovative projects and partnerships like the ones we're using in DFW. By increasing the flexibility on loans to public and private entities, an infrastructure bank will allow us to capitalize on historically low bids without losing time and purchasing power to drawn out negotiations. This would help with specific Interstate and State highway projects in our region that I believe would compete well for this funding.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.