You Like to Watch?

Several viewing options this morning. Could go with the three-part extravaganza, in which some dude hassles a Dallas police officer who's stopped him for reckless driving somewhere on Northwest Highway. (Here's parts one, two and three -- kind of like Star Wars.) Or we could go with the San Diego-based motivation speaker who stripped down to his superhero Spandex in front of a disbelieving North Dallas Chamber of Commerce. Or maybe this just-posted interview with Dirk Nowitzki, conducted entirely in German.

Or perhaps some oddly calming video taken of the Trinity River from a DART train at 7:55 a.m. yesterday. Maybe this guided tour of the Dallas Stars' new plane? A local breakdancer spinning on his head for an entire minute? You know what -- you decide. I've already seen 'em all. --Robert Wilonsky

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