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You Too Can Be in a Movie With Buster Bluth Hisself, Tony Hale. Not a Scene, Just a Movie.

On Monday I mentioned director Clay Liford's looking for extras for his new movie -- still needs 'em, matter of fact. One hundred to 300 -- enough to fill the Garland High School gym for a 10th high school reunion. Think Grosse Point Blank. But one thing: The movie's no longer called Minor in Possession. It's now called Wuss. As in: "A HS English teacher is beaten up by his students. That makes him a wuss." That's from the new Twitter account set up for the film, which goes live today with the beginning of principal photography.

Those extras, incidentally, are needed on July 28, which means you'll just miss Tony Hale, best known as Arrested Development's Buster Bluth, who scheduled to wrap two days prior. Hale was slipped the script by Liford's assistant director, who'd worked with him on the shot-in-Texas Sironia. "He jumped all over it," says the Earthling and My Mom Smokes Weed director. "And he was super-sweet about it."

Says Liford, the film will also star indie comer Alex Karpovsky, as well as reunite the "mother" and "son" featured in his brilliant short My Mom Smokes Weed. This one, like that Sundancing short, is a comedy -- though in "a very Todd Solondz kind of way," Liford says. "It gets dark, and I'm not sure it gets light again. It goes to a bad place and stays there. In most comedies, when characters do harebrained schemes they're never held accountable for them. I hold them accountable."

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