You Won't Find Don Rickles on GodTube

From the "Jewtopia Infomercial" on JewTube.

Plano-based GodTube, founded by Dallas Theological Seminary student Chris Wyatt way back last spring, is old news 'round Unfair Park parts. But every now and then, folks still stumble across the site and treat it like the Second Coming, especially after last week's news that the site received an influx of cash, 'round the $30 million mark, from a London hedge fund. Today, as a matter of fact, GodTube's blessed with a New York Times write-up, which brings us a few interesting factoids about the site not intended for the unclean, by which I mean the folks in my bar mitzvah class or Neil Diamond, or the satirically inclined:

Unlike its secular cousin, YouTube, GodTube is proudly filtered: all content must gain approval from the site’s headquarters in Plano, Tex. Vulgar and overtly sexual material isn’t allowed. Neither are videos promoting other religions -- for that, there are and (Appropriately enough, the domain name is for sale.)

Mocking Christianity is definitely not allowed. James O’Malley, a 20-year-old from Leicestershire, in Britain, posted a series of videos last year that jeered at evangelical theology. During a videotaped walking tour of the Natural History Museum in London, he referred to a plesiosaur fossil as a “liar-saur” and noted that volcanoes tended to erupt in non-Christian countries.

“The first couple of videos, where I spoke about Biblical infallibility and homosexuality, remained on GodTube and were treated like any other video,” Mr. O’Malley said. “It was only when I posted a third video suggesting that the earth was flat and that astronauts were part of the ‘round earth’ conspiracy that they finally cottoned on to the fact it was a hoax, and I was banned.”

On that note, then, this from JewTube, where they're really doing God's work. And a bonus. --Robert Wilonsky

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