We don't need no stinkin' Standing Wave come March 6!
We don't need no stinkin' Standing Wave come March 6!

Your Wet and Wild End-of-the-Week Council Memos, or: Jim, Let's Canoe Race the Trinity!

A few of the Friends of Unfair Park have asked in the past if we could post the memo package sent to the mayor and council at week's end. Sure, when they're interesting. Take, for instance, this week's package, which deals, in part, with Angela Hunt and Pauline Medrano's attempt to expedite enforcement of the parking ordinance that would disallow boots without paper receipts. You'll not only find Hunt and Medrano's memo to the council, but three responses from lot owners and operators who support the proposal -- among them Michael Anderson of Chavez Properties, who calls out Parking Company of America and LAZ for using third-party booters. Or "bounty hunters," as he calls them. Like Boba Fett? Cool.

There are also some questions and answers concerning the quality of street fixes work following utility work; the council's been particularly up in arms about this, especially since the Atmos franchise fee hike a few weeks ago.

Then, finally, some invitations: to the Trinity Levee Run and the Trinity Canoe Race on March 6, the latter of which will also include a "kayak and canoe obstacle course." This last bit of news excites Jim Schutze.


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